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Upcoming project with Pop-Up Birthday!  Very grateful to have met up with founder Laila Scott and KVUE's Jenni Lee to discuss ideas for this wonderful non-profit.

Dragonfly Design Austin is committed to giving to the community.  We've donated murals to numerous non-profits in and around the Austin area.  If you know of a non-profit that would benefit from our services, please contact us today!

foster village mural chalkboard_edited.j

Foster Village Chalkboard Wishing Tree mural


Settlement Home "Chillville" Rooms #1 and 2


Salvation Army's Rathgeber Center for Women and Children

make each day pic1.jpg
austindiaper bank after.jpg

Austin Diaper Bank entry

Hope Alliance teen room

farm mural pic1.jpg
Caritas wall.jpg

Hope Alliance baby room/toy room

savvy giving flower mural.jpg

Savvy Giving by Design Central Texas chapter,

makeover room.  Mural by Dragonfly Design, room makeover by Savvy Giving by Design. Photos by Juli Runci McDougal


Salvation Army Rathgeber Center office hallway

savvy giving flower mural 2.jpg

Interview with CBS Austin's Allison Miller

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